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"I absolutely loved this book! Very thought provoking, simple and easy read, filled with many insights that I can apply to my daily life."
-Christina C., Life & Business Coach

"I caught this book at a very vulnerable moment in my life and the message resonated so strongly it was like being struck by lightning. I went in expecting one thing, and came away with something totally different. A simple parable with a powerful message that will change how you look at the world."
- NM Hanson, Military Fighter Pilot 

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About the Book

The Gifted Storyteller is the Award-Wining Book by Author, Gregg Korrol. The story follows Michael, who has so many wonderful things happening in his life, yet also feels there is something missing. One night, he meets a mysterious woman named Jeannie, who introduces him to The Gifted Storyteller, and changes his life forever.

Award-Winning Novel

*ReadersFavorite Gold Metal Award for Dealing with Life Hardships, Grief and Changes 

*Pinnacle Award Winer for Self--Help

*#1 on Amazon

*Over 100 5-Star Reviews

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What Do You See?

You either see two faces looking at each other, or a vase; can you see both?

Life is like this in that things exist as they are, and how you choose to see a situation, where you choose to focus, creates the story you have in your life. 

The Gifted Storyteller is a book that shows you how to be present, how to choose your focus, and how to create the life you want by making small changes that will have a lasting impact on your life.

Reviews and Accolades

Shout-out from Jack Canfield, Author of The Chicken Soup For the Soul Series: