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"I absolutely loved this book! Very thought provoking, simple and easy read, filled with many insights that I can apply to my daily life."
-Christina C., Life & Business Coach

"I caught this book at a very vulnerable moment in my life and the message resonated so strongly it was like being struck by lightning. I went in expecting one thing, and came away with something totally different. A simple parable with a powerful message that will change how you look at the world."
- NM Hanson, Military Fighter Pilot 

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A short story that will change the way you experience life....
Have you ever felt your life is not the way you thought it would be? What if there were a few simple changes that would make you feel happier, less stuck or lonely, and more loved right now?
The Gifted Storyteller: The Power is in the Story You Tell will help you create a change that will bring peace, happiness and love into your life simply by reading the book, thinking about the lessons, and implementing one of the many ideas.

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*ReadersFavorite Gold Metal Award for Dealing with Life Hardships, Grief and Changes 

*Pinnacle Award Winer for Self--Help

*#1 on Amazon

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What Do You See?

You either see two faces looking at each other, or a vase; can you see both?

Life is like this in that things exist as they are, and how you choose to see a situation, where you choose to focus, creates the story you have in your life. 

The Gifted Storyteller is a book that shows you how to be present, how to choose your focus, and how to create the life you want by making small changes that will have a lasting impact on your life.

Reviews and Accolades

Shout-out from Jack Canfield, Author of The Chicken Soup For the Soul Series: